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Agent at Home Magazine Interview

Early this spring I was asked to be interviewed by Agent at Home Magazine about why I decided to become a travel agent and my growth in the industry. The July issue has been released and Memories Forever Travel is being featured on page 18! Read my article below.

Again, thank you all for your continued support in a small business owner.



Jeanie Michaels makes good on a longtime dream to become a travel agent.

Name: Jeanie Michaels

Agency name and location: Memories Forever Travel in Pierz, Minn.

My former career: I worked as an administrative assistant for about three years where I learned computer skills, organization, file management, customer service and support, managing calendars, and meetings and events. I was then promoted into a Web and graphic design position, where I excelled at social media and Web management, graphic design and photography.

Why I chose a travel career: As my husband and I began to travel more and more frequently, I realized I wanted to pursue my passion of becoming a travel agent. I always had the dream but was worried I wouldn’t be able to find a position and wasn’t sure if there was a big demand for travel agents.

My greatest challenge right now: My biggest challenge is finding the extra time to do all the training I want to do. There are so many options available — I just need that extra time in a day.

What I like best about the travel business: I love how other travel agents are always willing to help out and answer questions. We are all a team and are there to help one another. Going into the industry, I was worried that agents might be slightly competitive and not want to help one another – but it’s not that way at all.

What I hate about it: I can’t really say there is anything I hate! I haven’t experienced anything yet that I find adverse. Hopefully I never will.

How my former career has helped me run my own travel business: The administrative, marketing and graphic design skills I developed in my past positions mean that I can perform the customer service and office skills required as a travel agent. I market my business on multiple levels online and create my own print materials.

Why I love what I do: I love hearing all the feedback from my clients when they get back from a trip. It just melts my heart when they share with me all the new and exciting things they experienced. They come back and are in bliss, and I love that!

This article was republished from the July 2016 issue of Agent at Home Magazine.

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