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Travel Agents Rock—Just Imagine

Updated: Jun 29, 2018


  • Imagine that you booked a vacation to one of the islands in the Caribbean that was destroyed by Hurricane Irma or a trip to Florida. 

  • Imagine you were due to arrive this past week.

  • Imagine how many other people were due to arrive this past week.

  • Imagine that you booked online.

  • Imagine how many other people booked online through the same online booking company you did.

  • Imagine calling that online booking company to reschedule your travel.

  • Imagine the hold time, and hoping that when you finally get through the call center that the employee will feel a sense of connection with you, and will FIGHT for your best interests.

  • Imagine instead that you booked through your Travel Agent that you are on a first name basis with.

Now take this same image and flip it around to the cold, snowy winter months when we have awful snowstorms that hit the Midwest.


Make sure you are in good hands when booking your next vacation. Contact your local Travel Agent today!

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