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What are the benefits of working with a Travel Agent?

Sure, you can book a trip yourself, it's easier and faster than ever to book a hotel, airline ticket or car rental online, and there are user reviews everywhere, so why would anyone need an agent? The trip you book online may not be the same trip that you'd get through a travel agent.

So why it’s important to consider your local travel agent the next time you book your vacation, rather than booking it online:

  • I'm a REAL person! I strive to bring personal service back to travelers and provide expert advice and guidance that only an experienced travel professional can offer.

  • Your vacation is an investment and I care about you and your vacation. Online sites don’t care about you nor do they care if something happens to you while on vacation—they are simply a booking site, that's all.

  • All the details are covered—I think of the WHOLE package to ensure your vacation is seamless from beginning to end.

  • We cut through the clutter! Why spend hours researching? The internet is overrun with so much information. How do you know what’s right and what’s wrong? We know. We do that for you, because we go to destinations and tour resorts first hand. Vacations are not one size fits all.

  • We work with reputable tour operators that have a strong clout with resorts—you can guarantee your reservation will be well taken care of.

  • We have connections! Yes, we can contact the resort before you arrive for special requests or surprises.

  • We have your back! As much as we don’t want anything to happen while on vacation, incidences can arise, so that’s where we come in… we’re here to help you. You can’t call the internet.

  • We offer vacation payment plans so you can take advantage of early booking rates and secure you trip with a low deposit and make payments until the final payment is due. It's a win win! Learn more here about vacation payment plans.

  • Last but not least... when you use Memories Forever Travel, an independent, locally owned business, the money I make is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers, and farms in our community. So all our money continues to circulate in our community…that creates a multiplier effect that directly benefits you and your neighbors. Remember—local is always better.

When you support a small business you are supporting a dream. So next time you start thinking about a vacation—Leave it to a professional and support a small business—it’s what I do best!

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