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Announcement! We have expanded our agency & team!

Memories Forever Travel is proud to announce the sub-agency expansion of Memories Forever Tours and welcomes Vince Michaels as the company’s dedicated Travel Specialist for the new sub-agency.

Jeanie is teaming up with her husband, Vince, to deliver diverse travel services. Vince will be focusing on tour-type trips and destinations while Jeanie continues to specialize in tropical beach destinations.

Memories Forever Travel encourages you to still enjoy your relaxing beach getaways. However, there are many areas of the world that are begging to be explored—and that’s where Memories Forever Tours comes in. Not to get confused with Memories Forever Travel – notice the difference (tours vs travel)?

Having experienced a variety of tours around the world and being immersed into other cultures is what motivated Jeanie to expand deeper into tour travel and open a sub-agency of Memories Forever Tours in order to share our experiences with clients and continue to provide quality personalized travel services.

Vince will be responsible for serving clients who are interested in guided tours, river cruises, active adventure tours, national park tours, rail tours, cruise tours and more. This sub-agency will make us stronger and our customers will benefit on many different levels of travel we offer.

I’m excited for this focused expansion I am confident my husband’s knowledge, experience and amazing customer service will be a perfect asset and will help to strengthen and grow Memories Forever Tours. He truly shares my vision, passion and above all, my commitment to satisfying my customers. I’m excited to have him on board with me.

Be sure to head over to his Facebook Page, Memories Forever Tours, and give it a "Like" as he will be sharing different travel content that will not be shared on Memories Forever Travel's page, and visit his website to learn more about his services:

Whether you are looking for an Asian adventure, European exploration, or a National Park tour, Vince will have something to offer. Contact Memories Forever Tours, at 320-616-1103,

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